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Artist Study - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was born May 6th 1880, in Aschaffenberg, Bavaria, Germany. He was a German painter and print maker who was on of the leaders of expressionist artists known as Die Brucke. What made Kirchner's paintings unique was his use of color and his color choices and color contrast. Kirchner's use of color for visual impact may been seen in "Girl under Japanese Umbrella (1960)" and "Artist and his model (1907)". He also has a unique way of painting faces by how he uses jagged lines and less details. One interesting fact about him was that after a mental breakdown, he moved to Switzerland and painted landscapes that showed humans being unencumbered by civilization and at peace with nature.

To study his art style, I recreated this two paintings of his. A landscape, "Red Elisabeth Riverbank Berlin" and a portrait, "Portrait of Gerda".

My recreations:

Here is the landscape painting of a bridge over some water with trees and houses. It is called "Red Elizabeth Riverbank Berlin". I liked the unique color contrast and the way he played with lot's of shadows and highlights but only uses three main colors, purple, red and blue, with black outlined the subjects in the piece. I used acrylic paint as my medium with this piece. Overall I liked how this turned out but wish that the black outlines were more precise.

Here is the portrait painting called, "Portrait of Gerda". I quite liked the color palette in this piece, lot's of vibrant colors like bright yellow an lime green. I also liked how he didn't blend the features of her face very much, creating an abstract version of her which made it enjoyable to recreate. I used acrylic paint as my medium for this piece. It was very fun to paint and I love the end result. I will for sure be painting more portraits using his art style in the future.

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